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Часы Swarovski

Swarovski - это не только синоним удивительным кристаллам. Уже не первый год компания пополняет коллекцию эксклюзивных часов.

Baguette - Amethyst

D:Light - L. E.

Dresstime - Jet Hematite

Elis - Amethyst, prune

Octea Lady - Jet

Octea Mini - Crystal Golden Shadow

Octea Sport - L. E. blue

Piazza - Crystal Mesh

Rock 'n' Light - L.E. black

Want to be part of the "Swarovski Butterfly Effect" Experiment? Check out these handmade Swarovski Butterfly earrings:

Handmade Swarovski butterfly earrings
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Something about bead ))

It`s not a bead. But you can put it on your neck ^_^

New Beading Store

I have a couple of items with swarovski beads in my store. Check it out.


DIY Swarovski Angel Set

please visit my shop for more details ------> happy bombo's!


I love using Swarovski crystals as accent beads in my jewelry. They just add a gorgeous touch of sparkle to anything you make :)

So what have you made lately with Swarovski? And where do you buy your beads?